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When You Are Already Tired of Your Kitchen

If you love cooking, and you find yourself doing a lot of experiments in your kitchen, you will surely agree that ergonomics is very important. That is being free from hazards and being able to move freely to achieve efficiency. It is one of the best reasons why a kitchen makeover is needed at some time.

When it is not convenient to move anymore, if accidents often happen, or if work becomes slower, you will feel tired of your kitchen. Here are things that can be done:

  1. Widen your window

You may need more fresh air in your kitchen and the best way to let it in is by widening your window. This will also mean you can get enough daylight, allowing you to save from electricity.

If you think you don’t need to widen your window, just make sure the hinges work so you can open or close it freely.

  1. Get new electric appliances

Maybe you feel tired of your kitchen because your cooking appliances are not that efficient anymore. Get new ones, especially those with more automated functions so you can do multiple tasks at the same time without overcooking your dish.

  1. Change your kitchen door

One of the greatest contributors for good ergonomics is your kitchen door. Are you always in a hurry walking out of your kitchen just not to get caught in between your door? If you can’t do something about it, like adding a door stopper, or if you think it looks too old already, then go ahead and get a new one.

Bring back the excitement and happy feeling of cooking through a kitchen makeover. Focus on those which need improvement the most. Make a list of things you want to happen so you and other users can maximise the change.