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What Type of Kitchen Suits You Best?

Does your kitchen makeover include changing the layout of the area? There are different types of kitchen, and each of them has its own way of promoting efficiency they are used. If you are not comfortable with how your kitchen is positioned right now, then you really have a need to change its layout.

Below are common types of kitchen that may suit your needs:

  1. L-shaped

If your space is small to medium, an L-shaped is perfect for you. It gives you enough space to move freely as you go on with your kitchen routine.
Visualize two walls which are perpendicular to each other and add a working area, you’ll get an L-shaped kitchen.

You will see no islands or a dining table in this type of kitchen since you are trying to free the area from traffic.

  1. U-shaped

The U-shaped kitchen is used for small to medium spaces. It is best for kitchens enclosed by three walls, making the sides of the U. Same as the L-shaped kitchen, it should be free from traffic.

However you might have a hard time with storage since the space you can use to move in between is smaller than the usual.

  1. Island kitchen

If you have an existing worktop and you have a big space, Island kitchen is ideal for you. The worktop or your island occupies the free space apart from your cabinets and other storage units.

This type of kitchen is also good for you if you want to use your kitchen island as your dining table. The Island kitchen is typically used by modern homes.

If you are not confident in evaluating which type suits your home best, don’t hesitate to contact experts on kitchen makeover to get suggestions. You’ll be satisfied because they know a lot when it comes to efficiency and ease of kitchen work.