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Things You can Prepare Before a Kitchen Makeover

No, you can never expect a kitchen makeover to last just for one day if you have a lot of things in mind other than replacing the doors and knobs of your cupboards. It will take days, especially if you want your flooring to be upgraded as well.

Having your kitchen not so functional could give you real trouble as you consider you go on with your daily routine without it. To go through this situation smoothly, here are 3 things you can prepare before the actual makeover:

  1. Pack some meals

If you think your kitchen will not be usable one whole day, just for one day, pack some meals. This is good if you fridge is still working that time. As much as possible pack simple meals that don’t require you more work in the kitchen.

  1. Relocate the microwave or the oven in the garage

You would certainly your microwave or the oven if the makeover will last for 2 days. It’s easy to buy some food from the grocery, but it would be convenient if you could at least heat them every meal.

Your garage will be the perfect place for those two kitchen appliances, provided that it doesn’t smell petrol out there.

  1. Prepare for dining out

And lastly, prepare yourself for dining out. Because something special is going on your kitchen, you sometimes want to eat something special, too. This is true especially with kids who are adjusting with your new routine.

Don’t hesitate to give them a treat. It will help them to embrace the change that your home is having.

During your kitchen makeover period, you may want to be as thrifty as possible. Check your options and see if you can make your modest means look rather enjoyable for you and the members of your household.