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How to Have the Best Worktops

What are your plans for your kitchen makeover? Have you already made a list of how many kitchen doors you are going to replace? How about the color, have you checked some samples of swatches lately? You will possibly go on a long list as you go along, but pay attention most to that one change your kitchen will have. Worktops are an example.

Answering the following questions can also help:

  • Do you plan to use your worktop as a dining table?
  • How old is your kitchen?
  • How big is it?
  • Are you trying to fill your kitchen with appliances because it looks too big?

When your intention is to create more space for your kitchen which would still cater a dining area, it is more practical to put more functions to your worktop. One function is making it as a replacement for your dining table. It is best paired with stools since those will not occupy much space. And you can easily keep them under your worktop.

One thing you should also look into is switching for a more durable island worktop. If your previous worktop was made of acrylic, you sure had issues with hot pots. Look for those which are made of stone as they have resistance strength to most of your heavy kitchen routines.

Kitchen units can look old easily when they cannot be maintained regularly. Go for worktops which can be easily cleaned. Those which requires expensive cleaners and thorough scrubbing tend to get tidied lesser than their counterparts which can be cleaned with only wet cloth.

And finally, work in customized length for your worktop. It is best if you can get one which is of good fit. As a beginning for your kitchen makeover, ask for a survey from your local restylers, they would almost always come free of charge.